Father Brown is on it too – gross sexual discrimination

I have watched many father brown’s and it is considered to be light entertainment but it is very cleverly crafted, but to its detriment.

Let us forget about Emer Kenny’s large assets and the obvious obsession of the same to be noticed; that is a given.

But it is always the men who are made out to be the fools and even if a woman is a villain, she gets away with it.

Take “The Chedworth Cyclone” as an example. A boxer was carrying on with the moll of a hoodlum and the fight was going to be fixed. To ensure that, the moll used makeup to make it look as though she was in danger and had been beaten around the face, giving her a black eye; it was a fake and was done to pressurise the boxer to throw the fight.

But, at the end of it, all that the moll had done was forgotten and she and the boxer rode off into the sunset, thus making her a heroine.

Yes, it is light hearted but it is so unbalanced and just like Murdoch Mysteries, whilst the men are always the baddies, the women always get away scot free.

In the episode about witches, the warlock went off with a black woman, one of his congregation, leaving his wife to get on with her life and all was good again.

The fact that the black woman had entrapped the warlock was ignored; all that mattered to the script was that he had left his so helpless wife and yet again, the lady character came up trumps.

What utter rubbish. I only watched these episodes to have a break from my long diatribe about Premium Credit, Leon Stoffberg et all, as it is taking quite a heavy toll on me. In fact, it has exhausted me so much that I have had to take to my bed for a rest.

Such experiences play so heavy on one’s emotions and it is so hard to recount them but recount them I must

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