A Dad will do whatever it takes to protect his little girl

I have just watched the last episode in the first series of Harrow.

I will not spoil it for you but the thread was all to do with Harrow’s daughter.

Harrow’s daughter, Fern, was abused by her step father; he was  a crook and a thug. Harrow worked out what the step father had done.

So, he invited the step father to his boat, on which he lived, to talk to him. He faced the step father and told him what he knew.

That his daughter, despite having great grades previously, suddenly went into a spiral. The grades dropped and she left home. Harrow had thought it a phase but it was no such thing; the abuse had traumatically affected his daughter.

I will end the recounting of the episode there.

What did that tell me? Quite a lot really and it reinforced what I already knew about Verity’s life.

Verity had always had really good grades and continued to achieve them, finally getting to university.

If I had abused my darling daughter, it would have been a natural reaction to protect herself, she would have retracted inwardly and her grades would have plummeted; she would not have got to university, no matter how hard she tried; emotions are a powerful thing.

But during the period that I was supposed to have abused Verity, she continued to party, she continued to get great grades and, yes, she did get to university.

Anyone who had gone through that ordeal certainly would not have been able to go onto a “recovery holiday”, only to be photographed, probably by her mother, wearing a virginal white bikini, whilst laying on some rocks.

It just would not have happened.

I still have no clue as to why Verity accused me but she WAS abused by the people who were supposed to love her; not necessarily sexually but manipulation and coercion is a form of abuse.

If I had all of the facts and knew who did it to Verity and what happened, I would have gone after them and killed them, going against every single moral standard that I have followed in my life, regardless of the consequences to me.

But there are more ways to hurt someone who has abused, in any way, your little girl and that is what I am doing now.

I will never stop fighting for Verity and I want her to realise that the most important thing is that she knows that I am there for her; I have been, am and will always be there for her.

When the time is right for Verity to talk and I hope that it will be very soon now, I will be there to listen to what she has to say.

The desire to want to kill anyone has subsided after all of this time but when I know the whole truth, I will hurt those people who have harmed my daughter in ways that they understand. They are all driven by luxury and money and that is the way to truly hurt them, whilst, at the same time still maintaining my moral standards.

As I said, Verity WAS abused but not necessarily in the normal sense. When the time is right, she will talk to me and I can then be at peace, we can be at peace.

Until that time, I will carry on digging and digging and WILL get to the truth but I would rather hear it from Verity and, in that way, we can both start to heal, sooner rather than later.

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