My fight against my family, my old company and the organisations who colluded with my father

People who have read my blog may be somewhat confused with all of the people and companies that I have mentioned.

They can be broken down into distinct groups

  1. Those that did not recognise my hard work and sacrifice
  2. Those who destroyed my career at such a young age
  3. Those who then bought me off, on the cheap
  4. Those who let me down and reneged on their responsibilities
  5. Those who coerced and manipulated my daughter to make those false abuse claims
  6. Those that took advantage of my father’s anger towards me
  7. Those who were complicit with my father to significantly favour my brother and to destroy me

Some people may suggest that I am not taking responsibilities for my own actions or failures but am merely blaming others. Fair point but they are very wrong.

Those who did not recognise my hard work and sacrifice

These were in two camps; the person whom I reported to in my company and my family

  • Leon Stoffberg – Chairman of Premium Credit
  • My first wife – Samantha Hender, now Parkinson
  • My father, William Hender
  • My brother, Martin Hender

Leon Stoffberg

Leon was a highly intelligent man and I was very loyal to him; he was my boss after all. It really did not matter what he asked of me; I would do it. Even when it came to him choosing a new company car, he didn’t like the seats and I convinced the garage to agree to do a special order for some special seats for him; not exactly part of my remit as Finance Director.

To be fair to him, he was kind but hard, He even invited me out to his boat for a week in Portugal and when I arrived after a very long trip, he offered to carry my bag; regardless of the fact that we were on holiday, he was still my boss. That was a lovely gesture; he could see that I was tired and needed a hand.

Back at work though, I made a few mistakes, who does not, we are human after all and he ensured that my bonus was suppressed. Compare that to the knowledge that his brother-in-law committed fraud and absolutely nothing happened to him.

Leon wrongly assumed that I would significantly benefit when the company was sold and suppressed my bonuses and salary accordingly.

He treated my father and I as one. I was my own person and regardless of what my family may or have may not got in the future, I should have been rewarded for my own achievements, not what from the wealth that my family may have achieved in the future.

My first wife, Samantha Hender, now Parkinson

I truly loved my wife and, like any honourable man, wanted to provide for my family and to ensure that my daughter had everything that she possibly needed. That is what any parent will do.

So, given the nature of my job, I worked many long hours. I was paid very well, although not enough and spent many hours away from my family but my goal was to provide for them both. Samantha’s job was to look after Verity when I was not there but when I was, I would take over, even cooking the evening meals and doing all of Verity’s night feeds and changes.

We did have a lovely house; I had mortgaged myself up to the hilt to get it and had to borrow money from my father on top. I wanted my family to be comfortable and happy; that is what every bread earner wants to do; right?

But, Samantha got bored, bored with looking after her daughter and bored with me coming home late. Yes, I am sure that having no company was not easy but I had to provide for them both. You didn’t provide for your family in the way that I did by just having a 9 to 5 job.

Sadly, Samantha wanted it all. She basically wanted her cake and eating it. She wanted the life that I provided but she also wanted her man at her behest.

That led to adultery with my best friend and raping me financially, making me homeless simultaneously. I was stitched up. We divorced; she admitted adultery and I, way back then, lost my daughter because she refused joint custody. If I had gone to the courts and spent thousands of pounds that I did not have, I would have lost anyway because it is deemed that the best place for a child, any child, is with their mother.

I did everything that I could possibly do for my family and I sacrificed so much to achieve that. According to Samantha, that meant nothing; she wanted it all and got all, although through her greed, she lost everything, well everything that she disclosed to the courts anyway.

She didn’t care a damn about Verity, certainly not me but all she cared about was herself



Those who destroyed my career at such a young age

To be continued………

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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