The denigration of men – Murdoch Mysteries, Dr Blake and Rush

First off, you do not do not see this ever being done to women actresses.

That is the biggest point to make.

Let’s have a quick look at examples in today’s television

  • William Murdoch is made out to be very clever but very “wooden”
  • Henry Higgins is continually made out to be a lazy fool
  • In “Journey to the centre of Toronto”, the resident geologist was made out to be weird and both Dr Grace and Dr Ogden said as much whilst laughing
  • Craig Mclaughlan, who played Dr Blake in the series of the same name, was made out to be a drunk
  • In Rush, Michael Sandrelli was always being denigrated by the so called star, Nicole de Silva, who denigrated every other man at the earliest opportunity.
  • In Rush, Nicole de Silva, who played Stella Dagostino, stole drugs from crime scenes, slept with just about anyone on legs, male and female, drove whilst drunk but got away with everything; she was the most unprofessional of all of the characters and a crap actress to boot. She looks like a duck and runs like a duck.
  • In Rush, Kerry Vincent was always having a go at the male characters for unprofessional behaviour whereas she killed a cyclist because she was on her mobile whilst driving and for so many other reasons besides
  • In Death in Paradise, all three inspectors are seen to be very wooden and quirky; maybe with Ardal O’Hanlan, a very funny comedian in his own right, there may be some improvement
  • It is generally always man who are the “baddies”. If a woman is a baddie, she generally gets away with it
  • All adverts generally denigrate only men

Men are seem as fair game in television and films but why? If women want to be treated the same, which they are not, they need to take the rough with the smooth, but they are not prepared to do that.

In the majority of the divorces, it is the woman who commits adultery but then gets away with most of the assets, steals the children and then starts all over again, as though nothing has happened.

But, as in real life, women just want it all of their own way

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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