In the same episode of Soldier, Soldier “Walking on air”, one of the squaddies met a lady at a bowling alley. They got talking and then went out for dinner but she still would not say a great deal about herself.

They ended up staying the night together and the squaddie fell in love with the woman; it does happen, it happened to me.

But the next day, she turned up in RAF uniform at the place where the squaddie was parachute training. She turned out to be the wife of one of the people who was teaching him the skills of parachuting.

Even though she was married (and I am vehemently against this bit) he still pursued her and the husband of the woman saw them together.

The following day, the squaddie saw that she had been beaten around the face, even though she tried to cover it up with makeup; it was her husband who had beaten her.

Then the squaddie lost it and attacked the husband for abusing his wife.

Then comes the rub.

The wife who had been abused would not admit to being hit by her husband or the affair with the squaddie behind it, in fear of destroying her career. The squaddie would not say anything either and plead guilty to the offence offering no mitigating circumstances, as that would have ruined the lady RAF officer’s career as well.

So, he was imprisoned for two months and was reduced to the ranks; all because he still loved the officer.

She went to see him and just said “thanks” but followed that up with the fact that she was being posted to Cyprus. When he said “will I see you again?”, she just lowered her head; she had no intention of doing so.

Even though he knew that she had used him, the squaddie still took it on the chin.

That, my friends, is selfishness by her but sacrifice by him

But no one in the media would ever now agree to financing such a programme, such is the gender bias in society.

There is just no balance anymore. Few will see this imbalance but I do

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