I am now on a roll

Following the horrendous water leak, which was traumatic in itself, it has led to a series of events that have reinvigorated me and I am now firing on all cylinders.

I am going after everyone, everyone who either destroyed my career, destroyed my relationship with my daughter or who have ruined my life, causing much stress, mini heart attacks, stress attacks together with a level of financial, emotional and mental discomfort that I would not wish on anyone, even those responsible for my demise.

These people/organisations are

Premium Credit Limited – For not providing me with a decent compensation settlement, following the demise in my career

Graham Puttergill – For providing me with compensation that was totally inadequate and which was linked to the future wealth prospects of my family and my father and not me in isolation, which it should have been

Ken Garrod – For blocking all of my requests for extra staff, which lead to my nervous breakdown

Mike Cobb– For committing fraud on the company but which was covered up

Leon Stoffberg – For providing me with a derisory bonus after all of the hard work that I did that made him tens of millions of pounds and for all of the sacrifice that I endured. Bonuses should be commensurate with the effort and success; they were for everyone else but not for me. If that was not enough, for covering up his brother-in-law’s fraud and preventing me from doing by job properly by forbidding me to speak to the venture capitalists, Electra Fleming and the bankers, therefore putting me in a no win situation. If I had reported it, I would have been sacked. By preventing me from reporting it, he forced me to go against all of the professional ethics that I believed in

My father, William Hender – For instructing the trustees to screw me after falsely believing that I was guilty of abusing my own daughter, even though it had been thrown out by the Police and the CPS.

My brother, Martin Hender – For conspiring with my father, for his own financial benefit and for my financial demise

My cousin, Lori Cameron aka Pat Doswell – For conspiring with my father and for giving false statements about what I had and had not said, whilst in her company

Claire Edwards – Trust officer of Paicolex Trust Management AG – For breaching her professional ethics as a UK solicitor and as a trustee by colluding with my father by taking instructions from him, thus breaching the core ethic of trustee independence together with major breaches of her fiduciary and legal duty of care to me as a beneficiary

Ron DownhillConsultant to Berwin Leighton Paisner – for conspiring with my father and colluding with the trustees, thus breaching his professional ethics as a UK solicitor

Gaby Kaiser – Head of professional risk at Berwin Leighton Paisnerfor allowing all of this to happen, DESPITE HAVING FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES

Lisa Mayhew – Managing Partner at Berwin Leighton Paisnerfor allowing this to happen, DESPITE HAVING FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES and for allowing my father to remain as UK representative of the trust despite the fact that she knew that he was badly suffering from Alzheimer’s

Samantha Parkinson – My daughter’s mother– For manipulating and coercing my daughter to cite me for sexual abuse, thus ensuring that our relationship would end

Those involved with Premium Credit would have had to sign certain guarantees at the time of the sale and one of them would have been that there were no major legal cases outstanding.

What I am now doing will make those guarantees worthless and the buyer (MBNA) and subsequent buyers of Premium Credit, including the Bank of America, will come after the original founding directors (save for the late Colin Ringrose who succumbed to cancer) and very senior management, including Graham Puttergill and Ken Garrod.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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