All for a lie – unintended consequences

One of my favourite programmes is Soldier, Soldier; I watched it years ago but am enjoying watching it again.

There is a thread that is angering me.

There is a woman, going out with a squaddie, let’s call her Jane. She decides that she wants a house provided by the army.

She goes to a clinic with her friend to have pregnancy tests done. She switches her sample with that of her friends. Surprise, surprise, Jane is declared pregnant. So, the squaddie marries her and they get the home that Jane wanted all along. The husband finds out what she did and begs Jane to tell her friend but, everything in her life is now great, and Jane does not, despite promising her new husband.

The other couple, who have been married a while and have been trying for a baby for ages are in despair; let’s call her Anthea.

Despite Anthea being pregnant but thinks she is not, they now want to adopt. They learn that if they go through the proper channels, it can take up to three years to adopt but, although illegal, if they cannot wait, they can go another way and find out that they can adopt from Poland in a matter of weeks.

So, from Jane’s original lie of wanting a better place to live, it has

  • Forced her squaddie to marry her
  • Forced Anthea and her squaddie husband to have to consider adoption and
  • although illegal, has forced Anthea and her squaddie to try to adopt illegally, thus breaking the law of two countries

So, from Jane’s selfish desire to want a fancy army family house rather than living in a flat, she has enabled all of these events to happen.

As I said, unintended consequences but ALL FOR A LIE

Life is not a quick fix. By lying, so many people can be hurt, by being selfish



Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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