It is funny how things turn out

A short while ago, I had an horrendous water leak and it came flooding through my dining room ceiling. Thankfully, the power had not gone off yet and I managed to call some facilities company.

They then arranged, for a big fee of course, for a company to come out and sort it. The chap, Dave, was very friendly and helpful and could empathise with my trauma.

The ceiling never came down but it was wrecked.

One day not long after, I looked at the card that Dave had left and then looked them up on the internet. I could see from Dave’s card that they were Corgi registered so I emailed them and asked if they could fit a new boiler for me. The one there was very old and I had not had it serviced it since I moved here in late 2015. They agreed and sent me a quote.

As I did not know them, I sort of implied that I would be getting other quotes but I really had no intention of doing so. Although I didn’t know the company from Adam, Dave was clearly highly experienced and I felt comfortable in his presence and with his work.

I know very little about the island and quite frankly, anyone I would have got to do the job would have been a “Hobson’s choice” but because of Dave’s friendliness (and I put great store in that) , I wanted them to do the work from the outset.

After all, have not we all learned from experience that the cheapest is certainly not the best? standards are always reduced to accommodate the cost and that is rife in just about every industry these days. It takes some will power to engage someone knowing that although they are probably not the cheapest, the work will be of a high standard.

So, yesterday, the boiler was installed and as I said on one of my last posts, a mere few hours after they had left, I was down in the dumps again.

But Dave had to return today to do all of the gas testing and certification. As it happened, Dave’s boss just turned up for a courtesy visit to ensure that I was happy with everything; I am sure that she does not do that for all customers so she must have been passing but it was a lovely touch nevertheless and I could tell that she was very switched on; a true, highly experienced businesswoman.

When Dave was finishing off, I asked him if he knew of someone good who could replace the damaged ceiling. He just said “we can do that for you, if you wish” and I told Dave’s boss, Louisa that I did not even want a quote so the time has now been booked in for next month.

Since the water leak, I was wondering why the water came through the ceiling so quickly; a lot of the water should have been held back by the bathroom floor tiles, but it was not. Then I noticed a great line of cracks in the tiles.

So, I asked Dave if he could rip them up and re-tile the floor. He said “no problem, we do everything except brickwork” . So, I will get his firm to do it but have not decided when yet.

I will have to get my thinking cap on as to what tiles to use but I will have to be careful, as left to my devices, I will choose black tiles with pink spots (I like bright colours) so I think that when the time comes, I may have to ask the boss for some advice; a woman’s touch and all of that.

After all, Verity used to cringe at some of my bright coloured shirts and if she had seen my first house in Guildford, the stairway was like an ice cream cone, in three, yes three bright colours in three thick bands, all running parallel up the stairs.

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