Why I left Premium Credit

I left Premium Credit because Ken Garrod and Graham Puttergill both blocked an increase in staff for my department. The company was getting quite big and the demands on me and my team were such that we were all under stress.

Basically, I snapped under the pressure and was an outpatient at The Priory for a year. Towards the end of my “stay” at the Priory, I received daily calls from Graham Puttergill asking when I was coming back.

It is strange that I was always being sidelined but when they needed something, as I was very good at my job, I received pleas from the Chairman to come back. My answer was always the same “I don’t know”.

Garrod stayed out of it as he knew damn well that he was really to blame. I had to produce 4 reports, justifying an increase in staff but every time, my request was refused. So, I took on the load but eventually could take no more. I snapped.

When my parents and I saw my shrink, he was blunt; he said that I could never ever work again for anyone. When, not if, it happened again, I would be a quivering mess, just like my father was when he had his breakdown. But, unlike him, I would never recover.

One day, I said to my father that I wanted to sue Premium Credit and he agreed. I was still unstable so he agreed to undertake the negotiations for me.

I was presented with a “deal” and a compromise agreement to shut me up. Given my seniority in the firm, the amount that I was offered was derisory; it was actually a complete insult. Remember, I was not even 40.

But, it was done with the expectation that when the company was sold, I would receive a very good income from the trust and I would be looked after for the rest of my life.

How wrong they were. Yes, it started off OK but then my very own father decided to screw me. The derisory compensation package had been used up long ago and I had little capital. Now, I have none.

My father even had the audacity to call me a playboy. That not only really upset me but it hurt me too. If you want to see a playboy and playgirl, just look at Martin and Alison’s lifestyle. But my father says nothing

What was I supposed to do? I had no job, nothing and I was still recovering.

My father should know better. After all, he went through a much worse situation that I did with his breakdown. He WAS  a quivering mess, literally. But he has either forgotten that time or has blocked it from his memory as he would see that episode as a weakness, such is his pathetic pride and ego.

Oh and it was Mum and I who looked after Dad, Martin was very noticeable by his absence; having too much fun in Wiltshire no doubt.

My father has even told me to pull my finger out and get a job. He has clearly forgotten everything that has happened to me.

Yes, thankfully, I have recovered to a certain level but will never be that sharp and energetic Finance Director ever again; that has all gone.

As if that was not enough, an awful lot of crap has been directed at me from just about everyone, effectively to crush me.

Yes, I was very angry with Verity but now realise that she was just a pawn. I feel very sorry for her as she is going through nearly as much hurt as I am. It has been 4 constant years of turmoil.

No, it is not my Verity that I blame; I blame all the others who have conspired against me, have been complicit in their lies and have made my life so miserable. 


  • My father – William Thomas Hender of Timberchace, The Warren, Ashtead KT21 2SG  Email: billhender321@outlook.com
  • My brother – Martin William Hender of Aquae Sullis, North Road, Bath BA2 6HZ      Email: martin@theflyingmonkeybrewery.co.uk
  • My sister in law – Alison Jane Hender of the above address                                 Email: alisonhender@btinternet.com
  • My cousin – Lori Cameron aka Pat Doswell of COLWORTH COTTAGE, 4A HEOL LLANSAINT SA17 5JD Email:loric2422@gmail.com
  • My ex wife, Verity’s mother and embezzler – Samantha Parkinson of 46 London Road, Guildford,  GU1 2AL  Email: sashajayne@Icloud.com
  • Lisa Mayhew, Managing Partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner, Adelaide House, London Bridge, London EC4R 9HA Email: lisa.mayhew@bclplaw.com
  • Ron Downhill, Consultant of Berwin Leighton Paisner, address as for Lisa Mayhew Email: ron.downhill@bclplaw.com
  • Gaby Kaiser – Head of professional risk at Berwin Leighton Paisner, address as for Lisa Mayhew Email: gaby.kaiser@bclplaw.com
  • Clare Edwards – UK solicitor and trust officer of Paicolex Trust Management AG,
    Kaspar-Fenner-Strasse 6, 8700 Kuesnacht-Zurich, Switzerland                              Email: clare.edwards@paicolex.ch
  • Andrew Lugg – Chairman and trust officer of Paicolex Trust Management AG, address as per above Email: andrew.lugg@paicolex.ch


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