An email to all of those who have wrecked my life and Verity’s

I have sent quite a long email to all of those who have completely wrecked my life and that of Verity’s; yes Verity too as she was manipulated to do what she did by either her mother or my father. What a lovely family I have, not.

I excluded Verity’s mother on  purpose because Verity has to live under the same roof as her mother; for now at least but hopefully not for too much longer.

The current situation
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Wed 10/07/2019 10:23
  • Bill Hender;
  •  Martin Hender;
  •  Alison Hender;
  •  Pat;
  •  Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
  •  Clare Edwards (Paicolex)

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You all are belatedly realising that you have all made a serious mistake.
You never, for one moment, saw me as innocent and just considered me guilty, even despite the fact that the CPS and the Police threw the case out.
So, my father decided to punish me anyway and do it the only way that he could, through money or rather the lack of it. This has been done in two ways. Firstly, by showering Martin and Alison with vasts sums of money and then by influencing the trustees and Berwin Leighton Paisner to agree to insert unsubstantiated loans, to charge a higher than normal rate of interest, to which I had no choice but to agree, to unilaterally and retrospectively “insert” a dubious loan repayment date. All of this on its own has made my life an absolute misery and has seriously affected me emotionally and mentally.
But you added to the complicity by Pat supposedly verifying my so called confession but, due to her memory problems, she could not even get the story right and her version was incompatible to the accusations levied at me during the horrendous interrogation that I had to endure. You cannot begin to imagine how it has affected me and after countless officers ripping my home apart to find so called evidence that they never found, my home has been so violated that it is merely just a few brick walls and a roof. I never go out other than to the osteopath and to collect my medication and I have whatever I need delivered; food, clothing, the lot. This horrible house is now a prison but with no bars.
But, even though you know that I am innocent and have been so badly treated by you, Dad and Martin and Alison, you will not do a damn thing to put the situation right. Why?
Firstly, because you Dad cannot and will never accept that you were wrong and your stupid pride and ego prevents you from doing what is right. So, rather than making my life better, you just let me fester on this bloody island.
As to you, Martin and Alison, it is in your interests to do nothing, whereas you should persuade Dad to set things right but you will not lift a finger, much like when Mum and Dad were sick. All you think about are yourselves and your lavish but superficial social life. You want Dad and the trust to keep on showering you with money and cheap unsecured loans. So much for family love; you are purely thinking about yourselves.
As to you Alison, you are sneaky. You have ringfenced all of your compensation monies for use later on but you were supposed to have been confined to a wheelchair 15 years ago. The accident was horrendous and I know you nearly died, as I nearly did on the theatre slab when the cancer was removed and thankfully you have nearly recovered; I have not. But you still keep that compensation money separate, whilst using Martin’s money. If you ever get divorced, which you nearly did, that compensation money will be all yours whilst you will cream Martin for substantially more than half of the wealth, such is the injustice of the family law system.
Martin and Alison, your greed and self centredness is beyond measure. You never really cared about Mum and neither do you care about Dad, who provides you with such a lavish lifestyle.
As to you Pat, you have betrayed me time and time again, whilst always siding with your precious Uncle Will. You say that you are religious but your past actions have betrayed what you truly are. All you are interested in is keeping that roof over your head, whilst receiving your stipend. You even took advantage of me by accepting all of the things that I bought for you; the expensive garage door being a classic example to protect your precious dogs.
I would have been happy to do all of those things if you had not gone on to betray me. What did you say? ” I would not have let you into my house if I thought, for one moment, that you had abused Verity” What utter crap. You did let me into your house, many times and allowed me to spend sizeable sums of money on you, only to be thrown out of the house and then betrayed.
As to Berwin Leighton and Paicolex, they are guilty because they broke the most cardinal rule of all and that was that they broke their independence by accepting instructions from my father. Thomas Meier did this and he paid the price; Lisa Mayhew could not ignore such a fundamental breach of trusteeship but that continues to this day with Clare Edwards and Andrew Lugg doing my father’s bidding in conjunction with Ron Downhill.
In my professional life, I have never seen such a blatant disregard of professional and ethical rules, together with Paicolex’s fundamental breach of their fiduciary and legal duties of care. The fraud carried out by Michael Cobb and discovered by me, putting my whole career at risk, was covered up and hidden from everyone including the bankers and Electra Fleming pales into insignificance with what those individuals have done.
I will continue to embarrass them and to get them struck off.
Two people have been significantly hurt by all of this. Verity who was manipulated and coerced to do what she did to her Dad, whilst she carries so much guilt and cannot bring herself to even speak to her Dad, let alone see me, whilst the perpetrators of all of this carry on their lives as though nothing has happened. So much for loving Verity. Then there is me. It would take far too long to describe what I have been through and the immeasurable effect that it has had on me but none of you care; not Dad, Martin, AlisonPat, Berwin Leighton or Paicolex as long as you stay in your little bubbles with not a care in the world, whilst enjoying all of the riches that none of you deserve.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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