Perverting the course of justice

Not long ago, if you lie to a police officer who was investigating a crime, you would go away to prison because that is still a crime on the statute books.

But now, with this washed down society and the police’s desire to go after “big ticket” crimes, even if you lie, even you destroy someone’s career as a result, nothing will happen to you, but it should.

Literally my whole family has lied at one point or another and, of course, we know who lied a right big whopper, don’t we? Yes, my daughter.

But, even though the case was thrown out by the Police and CPS due to the insurmountable evidence that I produced, absolutely fucking nothing has happened to any of them, especially Verity.

So, according to the police, it does not matter if a career is ruined, it is does not matter that a life has been ruined, all to save a pretty little bitch of a daughter from prison.

Where is the fucking justice in that?

But, just because the police did not do anything to Verity, the oh so innocent little girl who was supposedly abused by me, her father, she will still have that on her conscience.

That guilt will hopefully eat away at her as a cancer does in the body, turning her into something that will do anything, literally anything to forget what she has done.

  • Her career will be over
  • Any relationship will be over
  • Her life will be over

Give it a few years, she will not be able to even live with herself 

She will regret the day that she chose to ignore her Dad and to ignore all of the olive branches of support and love that were offered to her

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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