I have been wronged by all of the family

Whether my father is my real father, whether my mother is my real mother, whether my daughter is my real daughter, it does not matter as I have loved, do love and did love them all.

But that is not what is important, is it?

Regardless of my father’s and daughter’s motives, I demand the truth.

I have been hurt so badly, so very badly

  • I have been arrested for a crime that I never committed
  • I was slammed in a prison cell as a result
  • I underwent the most horrendous interrogation imaginable by supposedly impartial police officers, which they were clearly not
  • Evidence was lost as to my ill treatment
  • My home has been ransacked and violated so much that it is now just a roof with brick walls
  • My family have vilified me.
  • My father has falsified loan transactions so that the trustees now demand extra monies
  • Monies have been taken from my dividend without my authority
  • The trustees have ignored the reality of the signed, countersigned and ratified legal loan agreement as though it was a whisp of the imagination
  • The trustees have ignored the legal loan agreement by implying that there was a repayment date, when none existed
  • The trustees have broken every single rule in the book by failing to be independent, rather to take instructions from my father
  • My daughter has withheld important information that would clear my name for good
  • The family have ignored the fact that the case was thrown out by the CPS and the police and still hunt me, destroying me financially, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Because of my daughter’s secret, which she will not confess to, I have lost her, probably forever
  • My daughter’s mother, a criminal in her own right, has undertaken a plan of financial resource withdrawal from my family for her own benefit
  • My daughter’s mother has consistently used my daughter as a pawn, throughout her life
  • My daughter’s mother considers my daughter to be owned property, who is to be used in any way that she deems fit, for her own personal gain

With the sheer amount of evidence that I have now produced and have sent to my so called family, they are starting to realise that they have been conned by my daughter and her mother and the amount of guilt is very quickly building up inside my father so that it now makes him ill with the inevitable outcome that he will die from a heart attack 

But they will do nothing, because:

  • My father cannot admit to his mistakes because of his ego and pride
  • My brother and sister-in-law like the money that my father has showered on them in too much
  • My cousin, supposedly religious, will not say or do anything because it may harm her lifestyle
  • My daughter will not say or do anything because her burden of guilt is so heavy

REGARDLESS of any consequences, even the death of my father, I will continue to pursue and continue to dig for the truth, even if it affects my whole family.

I have the right to ensure that all wrongs that have been done to me are put right and, until they have been, I will pursue the truth and my family with dogged determination, as I have done for the last 4 years.

Even if my father does not speak out on my behalf, I want:

  • All of the withheld dividends paid to me
  • All of the compensation that is due to me to be paid
  • All of the amounts paid by my father to my brother paid to me also

That equates to:

  • £1.25M of advanced inheritance paid to my brother only
  • £545,000 of withheld dividends paid to my brother only
  • The settlement of my loan balance, amounting to £188,000 plus interest, with the trust to be paid by my father, due to his breach of the verbal contract between my father and my then wife, Rosanna Hender-Monacello (as witnessed by me and known by my daughter)
  • The extinguishing of all loan amounts in excess of the above amount
  • The repayment of the illegal loan repayment monies, deducted from my last dividend, amounting to £17,000 approx.
  • £3.0m in compensation payments due to me by (Berwin Leighton Paisner or Ron Downhill) and Paicolex Trust Management AG in aggregate for breach of the fiduciary duty of care and legal duty of care due to me as a beneficiary of the Hender Family Settlement

My family and the trustees have a choice. They are to uphold my demands or to see my father die from a heart attack.

If he dies, it is THEIR FAULT, not mine. My father’s blood will be on their hands and not mine.

The question that all parties need to ask themselves is this:

What is the price of a life, my father’s life ?


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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