David’s top 20(ish) of the most demeaning and female gender biased adverts and dramas (and sometimes films) about men. (Re-posted and updated)

This chart, which will be regularly updated and will be kept near the top of all of my posts, as I will apply a “sticky” to it.

Adverts that are “gender related” are excluded, such as for tampons, make up (of which there are so many), Viagra and those for incontinence (although you will never see one for men) Let’s face it, if you scroll through the adverts, you will see more women’s faces as compared to those of men.

  1. Murdoch Mysteries (I have talked at great length about this light hearted drama so please refer to specific posts, of which there are a great deal). The female gender bias and demeaning of men are incessant. In addition, through so called chance meetings with Dr Ogden, she more than occasionally gives ideas to Murdoch that end up solving the crime. HENCE THE NUMBER ONE SPOT, for so many reasons.
  2. Hotel.com (the advert when they are all in the bathroom and the man is on the toilet doing a “number 2”. I don’t think that you can get any lower than that for demeaning a man and yes, you would never see the roles reversed, would you)
  3. Our time over 50s online dating (90% female actresses, 10% male actors, 100% female voice over artists)
  4. Aldi supermarkets (To get around the gender bias issue, they have a “husband and wife” who just happen to be two sapphists. This way, they can ensure that they can get twice as many women into an advert. If challenged, they can argue they are being anti homophobic; a clever but inevitably faulty proposition)
  5. Totally Money.com (for adverts that ask if “he has a big one” or quoting the numbers “6,7 and 8whilst Anthea Turner moves her hands apart implying a question as to how long his member is), if not via double entendres but you would never see that applied to a woman
  6. Woucher (where most of the adverts see three women, prancing around as though they were prostitutes)
  7. Woucher (where men are seen prancing around looking like sheer dickheads)
  8. KFC (using only women with so called hip London accents)
  9. Boots (where their adverts are mainly directed at women)
  10. Cancer adverts (cancer affects everyone but even if it is does not relate to breast cancer (although men get that too), you will see pink everywhere
  11. All bingo and on line gambling adverts (especially for Sun Bingo) where men are either totally excluded or mainly excluded (except 21)
  12. Pay day loan adverts (where you generally see, with exceptions, that it is always the women fixing the problem by thinking of a pay day loan company)
  13. Haven Holidays (where two pretty little girls are used in the advert. This could be considered one of the worst as the production company is just using the girls because of their gender and for no other reason)
  14. Adverts that have a voice over artist (as most of these are done by women artists)
  15. Experion (you would not see women in these so called funny adverts)
  16. The television channel known as “W” (this is directed at purely women and is part of the UK TV channel portfolio) Need I say more. It is not number two because the whole channel can be avoided but for Murdoch Mysteries, it cannot as it floods both the Drama and Alibi channel (please refer to my post https://wordpress.com/post/davidhender.life/3127)

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