Verity will be the death of my father

There is one thing about my father that is relatively unique; he cannot admit that he has made a mistake and can never ever say sorry.

All of this bullshit from my so called cousin Pat is actually a message from my father. He has had heart troubles for many years and recently had a heart attack. He has told Pat to tell me to back off.


Because he is suddenly realising that he has been totally mistaken and what he has done to his son, adopted or not, has been totally grossly unfair on me.

But he cannot admit it.

That is why he is feeling ill. Because the stress of guilt is building up and up inside him will a pressure cooker. To release that guilt, he would need to say sorry to me and to put things right but he cannot; his ego will not let him.

The only way that this will stop is if someone tells me the truth and the whole truth. Martin will not because he loves all of that cash too much, regardless of his father’s health. The same goes for his wife too. She is as greedy as Martin is.

They are far too selfish to tell the truth and save my father

Verity will be the only one who can save her grandfather and I do not say that lightly. She knows that I will continue to dig and dig until I get to the truth and I am damn close now.

If she loves her grandfather as much as she has said that she does, then she MUST do the right thing and tell me the truth, warts and all.

If she does not, the stress will build up in my father and his next heart attack will                   



Verity will have her grandfather’s blood on her hands and on hers only

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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