Murdoch Mysteries and the Catholic Church

I have said before that although I am spiritual, I have no problem with people having a religion; each to their own, as long as they respect my beliefs.

But something concerns me and, at the forefront of this, is Murdoch Mysteries. Murdoch is a catholic, nothing wrong with that, but it seems to influence a lot of what goes on in the series, particularly in the episode “Voices”.

When he gets married to Dr Ogden, somehow the church now allows a divorcee to get married in church and a non catholic to boot. This can never happen without the Pope’s approval, which he will never give.

MM is not alone as it is also apparent in Father Brown; I just wonder why he has to be catholic, as seems the whole cast.

What really concerns me is the invasion on television of the catholic church. We all know that they are so rich, we cannot imagine it and they have many thousands of investments, in just about every sector that one can imagine.

I just wonder if you dig right down through all of the production companies involved if one of them is owned by the catholic church and they specified that Murdoch had to be catholic.

Again, it is just a supposition but it just makes you think; why do two prime time shows seem to have heavy catholic influences?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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