A message to my father

There have been many twists and turns in this saga but I feel that I am finally getting to the bottom of it all.

The following email is self explanatory

Verity and I
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Wed 03/07/2019 18:40
  • Bill Hender;
  •  Martin Hender;
  •  Alison Hender;
  •  Pat
Although it was grossly unfair and has caused me so much harm, I do bizarrely understand why you did what you did.
But that is for another time.
What is far more important than anything is the situation with Verity and most importantly, her parentage.
Although I love her so dearly, I do not necessarily believe that she is my biological daughter or your biological granddaughter.
I have sent streams of messages to Verity but as usual, there is no reply. An intelligent man like yourself will realise that she is hiding something, a very dark secret.
I really hope that she is mine but given Samantha’s propensity for dropping her knickers at the first opportunity, I cannot be sure that she is mine.
You know very well what Samantha is like as does the rest of the family. She is an embezzler and after I begged you on the doorstep of Timberchace, you agreed to bail her out for Verity’s sake.
Samantha is a liar and a cheat. I know that she conned money out of you but your pride dictated that you would not go after her as no man likes to admit that he has been conned by a woman, it is pride; Dad, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have been cheated twice and have lost just about everything that I worked and saved for.
Whether Verity is mine or not is irrelevant to this. Samantha has scammed both you and me, for a combined cost of around £750,000 in today’s money. She lied in her divorce by hiding her assets. How do you think that after losing supposedly everything, she ends up in an expensive Guildford house, probably worth more than yours.
Here is the proof
I believe that Verity was manipulated by her mother to do all of this and it was a plan long in the making. Not long after I had moved to the isle of wight, Verity asked if we could meet up for a dinner so I booked myself into an expensive Farnham hotel and looked forward to seeing my Verity. The ferry and hotel bookings prove it, information that was sent to the Police.
Then suddenly, I received a message from Verity to say that her mother had whisked her away. I was very upset and very angry, mainly with Samantha.
Two months later, the Police arrived and arrested me and my nightmare began. I was finally bailed after a grueling interrogation and after a few days, I started my defence.
You know that I am very clever with the internet and I produced so much evidence that both the Police AND THE CPS had no choice but to drop the case;        I was innocent although you have never believed that. I know for a fact that was why you set out to crush me, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.
But Dad, you were wrong, very wrong.
Those abuse and actual bodily harm allegations were made up by Sam and she then brainwashed Verity. Yes, Verity did self harm but it was SELF harm and not done by me. Even Rosanna could see that.
You know that like you, Samantha is obsessed with money. Verity has told me the same and she even said that a lot of the maintenance was spent on Samantha’s expensive hand bags and shoes. That is the measure of the woman.
What Samantha wanted was very cleverly done; she is an embezzler after all.
She wanted to
  • Get her daughter to accuse me of abuse
  • I would get arrested
  • I would be imprisoned
  • I would be alienated from ALL of my family
  • But you would still love Verity
I would then have a wall between me and everyone else and feeling sorry for Verity, you would do whatever you could to “make it right”, which you have done countless times out of love.
You sent her on a recovery holiday and paid for the lot because Samantha could not get the time off but Verity slipped up and said that her mother had been paid by her firm. She had lied and conned you
You were so angry with me, as probably I would be, and decided to crush me, anyway you could.
Even Samantha said that it was Pat who first told of the abuse
But when I visited Pat, I sat her down and looked into her face and asked the question. Do you believe that I abused Verity?
Her answer was very clear. She s​aid that if she had thought for one moment that I had abused Verity, she would have NEVER let me into her house.
Quite frankly, no one would; I would not have done that; in fact, I would have punched that person’s light’s out.
How could you think that I would do such a thing? You knew how much Verity means to me.
Just ask Verity for a copy of her bank statements. If you or the trust paid the money into her account, I suspect that you will see a lot going to her mother.
If Verity refuses, she has got something to hide.
I do not actually blame Verity. After all, Samantha manipulated me and it would be so easy to do that to a youngster.
I suspect that a great deal of money has been conned out of you and me.
Do not forget. When the divorce was going through, I said that I wanted joint custody. She told me to “F” off as I would never get that. What does that tell you Dad?
But let us put money aside because Verity is far more important than that, isn’t she?
She needs to have a DNA test as do I and, if she refuses the only way of getting it is via a court order. By refusing, she is basically saying that she has something to hide, compared to when I had that interrogation in 2016. I was offered a lawyer but I refused saying that “I HAD NOTHING TO HIDE“.
Now this is difficult for me and goes against everything that I believe in.
I know that you are a mason as is Martin. I know that the Police is rife with masonic influence. I need you to make this happen. I need a court order forcing Verity to have a DNA test.
If you do not, then you will always wonder if Verity really is your granddaughter and you will be just like me. I have already lost hundreds of thousands of pounds but you will have lost the same and when you pass, if this is not resolved, you will lose literally millions.
So you will be in exactly the same boat as me; YOU WILL NOT KNOW
But whether Verity is mine biologically or not, she is still my daughter and is part of our family. I love her and am going to fight for her. Yes, our family is somewhat dysfunctional but nothing compared to Samantha’s so if you really love Verityyou will take steps to get her out and expose Samantha and him for what they are.
I have spent the last FOUR years devoting all of my time and energy to exposing the truth; I believe that now, I am very very close
Only you Dad (or Martin) can put all of our minds at rest

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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