My conclusion to all of this – the truth?

I think that I may not be Verity’s biological father, as my so called wife seemed to drop her knickers for anyone.

Furthermore, I think that Verity, my daughter, has been holding a very dark secret and that is that she knows, she has known for quite some time.

When I got divorced, “he”, my daughter’s mother’s current husband was in there straight away, like a rat up a drainpipe.

That would explain so much and I believe the divorce and the allegations were stage managed by Verity’s mother, manipulating and coercing Verity.

That would mean that Verity has “split loyalties” in that she does love me but knows that her real father is in the same house as her and that would explain that after all of the literally hundreds of messages that I have sent, although she never replied to a single one, she could never bring herself to report me to the Police for harassment and why she has been so silent.

I have told Verity, in numerous messages today, that even if I am not her biological father, it really does not matter a jot. I have loved her since the day she was born and will continue to do so.

But, of course, there is another issue; what does Verity want? I really hope that she wants to spend some quality time with me but she may not want that, rather spending it with him.

I hope that I am wrong but I have a horrible feeling that I am not.

What it means of course is that the slut, known as Verity’s mother has completely hoodwinked me and has used me as a free child minder for all of these years, just so she could build up more cash and use me to keep her out of jail when she embezzled all of that money.

I do not know for certain but she may have also conned my father and the rest of my family by saying that I had sexually abused Verity, but not telling them of Verity’s true parentage, thus ensuring that Verity would be showered with comfort, support and money, whilst I went through the worst time in my life, thus ensuring that I would be out of Verity’s life for a very long time.

When that did not work, because of my father’s “understandable” disgust, he has punished and punished me, making my life even more miserable.

As to my own parentage, I really do not know and will probably never know. Both my father and mother have supported me but sadly my father has become a real shit but, even to the end, my mother, biological or adopted, was as wonderful, kind and loving as ever.

I doubt that Verity will ever talk although she owes it to me to tell me the truth, at the very least.

But Liesel treated her as a daughter and no one but no can take that away from my Lies. Similarly, I was Verity’s Dad and no one but no one can take that away from me either

But Samantha, by her cunning, has got free education for her child and support for the rest of her life

The way to resolve this is for Verity to give a DNA sample and match it to my my DNA

If she refuses to give a sample, that will prove that she is not biologically my daughter

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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