Doing what it says on the tin

You have all heard that phrase.

Why is it that products that are advertised on the television or magazines always but always have  a statement in little white or black letters that state

  • Terms and conditions apply
  • The model shown does not reflect the price advertised
  • Added extras are needed
  • Or whatever

Just take Baked beans. They have tomato sauce in them and they taste about the same no matter what the brand, although I stick to Heinz. I I grew up with them after all.

They do what they say on the tin and that is fine.

But no matter what the other products are, you always get caveats; there is always a rider to cover themselves for what you think you are buying is not actually what you are actually buying.

You have to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds extra to get what you see advertised but they always quote the “From” price. What you really want and what they show is a million miles away from what they quote.

It is just a massive great con. When I was thinking of replacing my car,prime candidate being a Toyota Amazon, I thought about a range rover but when I added all of the extras to get to the same spec as the Toyota, it was around £20,000 adrift and that excludes the poorer reviews on the Range Rover at the time.

Yes, £40,000 15 years ago was a lot of money for a car but how much would I have spent fixing the Range Rover over that period?

And over that period, save for servicing, my truck, as I call it, has only needed about £3,000 of work and that is not bad for a car that has done 140,000 miles.

In that time, some people, including my first wife, would have replaced their car             30 times and just think what the cost would be in terms of the environment and materials; horrendous.

But big businesses do not care about that; all they think about is profit and fuck the planet and neither does she but she is not alone.

Most people cannot look further than the end of their noses



Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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