For better or for worse

These are part of the vows when you get married but sadly vows mean little these days.

Yes, in the “good old days”, there was a lot of strife but a husband and wife just stuck together, through thick and thin, basically until one of them died.

These days, however, as soon as there is a minor blip, it tends to end up in divorce. I am sorry to be biased but generally, if for no other reason, it is the wife who instigates the divorce because she wants the house, the money and the children.

Yes, she may have given up her career to have children but who is it generally that works his balls off to provide for the family.

After a divorce, especially if there is even just one child, the man loses everything, everything that he has worked so hard for. He has given up seeing his wife and children by working long hours but that means absolutely NOTHING when it comes to a break up.

Not only does she get massive wads of cash but she may get the house too and maintenance for the child. Save for clothes, exactly how much does it costs to feed a child? Very little and, more often than not, a lot of it is spent on other things.

Of course there are exceptions. If a husband and wife talk it through and the wife has a better career, then sometimes a man will give up his career to look after his child. I wish I had been in that position but I was the higher earner and boy did I pay for it.

I missed my daughter’s first step, her first word. What price can anyone put on that?

When she slept with my so called best friend and then wanted a trial separation and then a divorce, none of that was taken into account, even though it was she who had done the deed and, at the end of it, I had lost everything or nearly everything.

We agreed a timetable when I would see my daughter but that really slipped and when it came to holidays, I rarely saw her and that was just what she wanted.

It has now, over time, come to the point that I never see my daughter, even though she is an adult and effectively, as happens in so many cases, my ex wife now owns Verity.

Before that, when she had been caught embezzling and she told me that she was going to prison, I went around to my parents and begged my father, yes begged him to lend her the money to clear it all off.

I am pretty convinced now that her tearful and shaking exhibition and confession was for my benefit, so that I would convince my rich father to bail her out?

Finally, he agreed and when he held a meeting at his house with her and him, she never even said “thank you”. That is the measure of the woman.

And it was not just my ex wife that she had bailed out. He had already done it for her mum and dad because my father bought their house up in Fetcham for them after she kept on saying how worried she was about them being in Devon.

  • She played me
  • She played my father

And then, she conned herself into a new job at Mercedes Benz by falsifying her CV so that they did not get a reference from Michael Jordan Caravans. Instead, she said that she was “at home” looking after the children.

Now, she is a big wig accountant with a new Mercedes every 6 months and a very large house to boot.

Compare that to me. My career ended because I had a nervous breakdown, caused by my bosses refusing me extra staff to carry the load and after been shafted by a second wife who lied and cried in court, I am left with no more than I had when I bought my very first house in Guildford, indexed of course.

So, where is the fucking justice? I have nothing. No career, no daughter and no life whilst she has got a high flying career and probably spends more on her wardrobe in a week than I do in a year.

I say it again.


Sadly, there is no justice, mainly if you are a man

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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