Sainsbury’s so called green credentials

I have had my weekly delivery, as I no longer go to supermarkets, as I do not like being with people anymore.

I specify a no bag delivery. That means no bags, full stop!

But, clearly not as far as Sainsbury’s are concerned. Just remember that if a store customer does want to use bags, they will use either no bags at all or will use bags for life; it does not matter whether it is is frozen, seafood or fresh meat; loose veg are an obvious exception.

But not so Sainsbury’s. They use bags, in my experience, for:

  • Cigarettes
  • Seafood
  • Fresh meat
  • Pizzas
  • wine
  • Just about everything

Today’s delivery was, as usual, a no bad delivery. Rather than having the so called barrier bags, which are like cellophane, I had 7, YES SEVEN, proper carrier bags. I was disgusted and told the delivery driver as such. It was not his fault and I told him so and he said that he would pass it on.

I know that Sainsbury’s are not alone; if they were, they would not do it as supermarkets act like sheep, each following each other.

But this CLEAR BREACH of a no bag policy must end now.

If I was opting for bags, I would have been charged 70p; not a lot in terms of money but a great deal in terms of plastic.

Remember, even fresh food is hermetically sealed so there are no leaks and the integrity of the food is sustained. If the seals are broken, the food should not be sold at all.

I have complained about this before to Sainsbury’s before but, as expected, they have just written platitudes and have done nothing.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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