Verity’s lie

In my previous post, “All for Verity”,, I recounted the very sad story of my Liesel’s passing and why Verity ended up being left behind.

Now, I am no psychologist and yet again, this is all supposition as I doubt that I will ever know the whole truth, funny things can build up in little people’s minds and although there is no truth to what they believe happened, those thoughts can turn into a reality for them.

I have absolutely no clue what Verity’s mother told her daughter but I expect that it was not kind. That lie, from Verity’s mother, would have built up and up, like a cancer growth and would have taken over a great many of Verity’s thoughts.

Now, I am pretty sure, even for Verity’s mother, that she may not have put the thought that I abused Verity in her mind but in a young child’s growing mind, with hormones flying around everywhere, the thought of wanting to punish her father for not letting her say goodbye to her Liesy, would have been overwhelming.

So maybe, just maybe, Verity’s mother’s lie turned into Verity’s lie but in a different form ie that I abused her and, if this is indeed the case, Verity has no fault at all and should have no guilt and that what happened to me was an unforeseen consequence of a lie that her mother told to Verity.

So, to say it again, Verity is not at fault and should have no guilt

What happened to me was terrible, yes of course it was but it was not the fault of a young person that she was manipulated by a lie.

That lie, that Verity’s mother told her, then took on a life of its own. My father was obviously told by the Police and, as far as he could see, how could Verity lie about that? His sweet granddaughter would never lie, especially about something so serious.

So, he then decided to punish me and the fact that the Police cleared me would, I suspect, have had no impact on his new view of me and the only way that he could hurt me was through the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, money. If he had told his chums at the lawyer firm and at the trust company, they too would want to punish me and, again, the fact that I was innocent, would have played no part in their thought processes, especially given the bias in today’s society regarding abuse of children.

So, they would have been pleased to do anything that my father asked of them and that is why we are where we are today. Me imprisoned on the island with no ability to move away to the mainland.

If Verity, after reading this, goes to her mother, her mother is very unlikely to admit that she blocked Verity from flying alone and will just say that it is total rubbish, fearing the consequences if she tells Verity the truth. But, it is no longer about the fact that she was not at Liesel’s passing; that is, to a great extent, irrelevant.

What is relevant is that because of a lie told to her by her mother, Verity made up a lie of her own. I am sure that she knows her lie to be untrue.

What should Verity do now?

What Verity should do now is to go straight to her grandfather, whom she loves so much and to tell him the full story, including being prevented from flying to South Africa on her own and the lie that was told to her by her mother. She then has to admit to making up the story of abuse because of the lie that she was told herself.

If this is really the case, through her granddad’s wisdom, he will understand that she was manipulated and, if this whole supposition is true, I understand and do not hold Verity accountable for anything.

All that it was, was a chain reaction that created a lie from her mother’s lie and that Verity has kept silent because the lie got just too big for her to handle, all from a relatively simple lie to spite me and Liesel, conjured up by her mother. Whether it was a lie, pure and simple, or the fact that her mother was totally silent on the issue, makes no difference; she should have told Verity the truth.

I will repeat something and this is very important.

If this supposition is true or close to truth, then Verity should have no fear from anyone, especially me, nor from the Law Society or from the Police because…..


Of course I am hurt; I have been separated from my beloved daughter for 4 years now and I have missed so much of her growing up but I have to be balance headed about this. This was not of Verity’s choosing. If anyone is to blame, it is her mother, not that I can do anything about it.

On the cusp of me sending that letter to the Law Society, as soon as Verity has read this and, most importantly, she believes it, she should go upstairs, turn the music off, shut the door and phone her granddad and he will then phone me.

If that happens, the letter will be destroyed and will be deleted from the computer but I owe it to myself to empty my mind on my blog and tell the whole truth but that is not important now, that is for much later.

Then hopefully, my father will realise that he has been led astray, not actually by Verity but by her mother and start to put things right.

I can then take a massive sigh of relief and look to the future.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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