Verity’s future

As I have said in previous posts, I am sadly now forced to destroy Verity’s legal career.

When we talked, she said that she was quite determined, as she “wanted to make a difference”. Yes, I was very proud when she said that but I am afraid to say that she is too naive to think that she can make any difference. The justice system when it comes to family law, is too far gone and far too biased in favour of the mother.

My own experiences should have proved that to her by now and I am one of many thousands of fathers who have been wrongly treated by the so called legal profession.

Not only that but if the case goes to court, as it did in my second divorce, 95% of the judges, who make the final decision (there are no juries) are women and through no fault of their own, they are going to be naturally biased.

Let me give you an example. How can a woman who has been married to a husband for a year and who walks out on her husband on Christmas Eve, taking her children, not mine, get £185,000 in cash and I was forced to pay for her £45,000 legal bill. How could HER children be considered to be mine, in legal terms.

That is why I will never get married again and in the rare event that I do, I will insist on a prenup agreement, one that my second wife refused to sign after agreeing to it in the first place and after me spending £3,500 in legal fees. She then agreed to sign a post nup but pulled out of that as well.

The irony is that if she had agreed to the pre nup, she would have got double what the judge awarded her, as that figure was based on the agreement from my father to pay for a proper home for her and her children.

What I am saying is that the family law system is totally broken and with the bias in society, that will NEVER EVER change.

After all, the mother of one of Verity’s friends, who was a family law barrister, chucked it all in as she could not take the bias anymore and that is to that lady’s credit.

Once Verity is no longer permitted to be a solicitor or a barrister, she should use her agile and intelligent mind on much more fruitful endeavours, such as human rights abuses, of which there are many.

The pay would not be as good but she would not be hitting her head against a brick wall all of the time and she would be doing some good for once.

Although Verity seriously fucked up with me, I still believe, even to this day, that she has a good heart and should pursue more humanitarian goals.

Money, after all, will never be a problem, as she can rely on the family trust to subsidise her lifestyle, buy her a home and whatever she wants.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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