Men will be gone by the start of the next century or maybe the century after

I have talked a great deal about gender bias and I predict that men will become superfluous in a very short time indeed, in evolutionary terms.

The media, in all forms, films, adverts, voice overs and the like clearly push the female form, as it is deemed that the female form sell more goods than anything else.

Anyone, who does not agree with me; just look at what is going on in television and films alone. But the irony is that the media executives cannot see further than the end of their noses and all that they look at is the money potential and greed.

They will actually be shooting themselves in the foot, if they are men that is.

Medical science can already take frozen sperm, defrost it and fertilise a human egg and can also change the genes at the most basic level. Designer babies are nothing new and it will not be long before the trend in society leads to only female babies being born.

This will further evolve to the point that males will start to die out; it would only take at the most a hundred years and then the world will become a matriarchy, with men, if there any left, to be subsumed into society.

It may be that in time, men will not be necessary at all as medical science could evolve to the point when sperm is created in the lab.

You think that this is science fiction? Just think about this:

  • It was not that long ago when it was believed that man could not fly
  • It was not that ago, in evolutionary terms, that we could not fly to the moon and beyond.
  • It was not that long ago that female eggs could not be impregnated in a test tube

Science fiction is only fiction in a particular time frame because, as science progresses, some fiction actually becomes fact; yes there may not be martians on Mars but most everything else, in time, will turn out to be science fact.

So, in the end, unless things change radically and people’s mindset changes, mankind will become womankind, that is if the people in power do not press their red buttons first and then mankind or womankind will be gone.

After all, to put it bluntly, sex is for pleasure and to procreate. Women, both young and old, already have the ability to pleasure themselves without a man being present and they also have the ability of procreating without even a man being present, if done in a lab.

People can be so naive. The trend of  biasing everything in society is already present and it will go to the ultimate end.

I can hear men and some women saying “no, that is rubbish” but they will end up eating their words and mankind will end up being extinct and man, as a gender, will be gone but maybe not in my lifetime.

But it will end up that way; just mark my words


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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