I remember….

….. all the times that I took Verity out, on the few weekends that I had her, thanks to her mother.

I remember the lovely times that Verity and I went to Fishers Farm Park, just outside of Horsham and the hours that we spent there having fun; she always wanted to climb to the top of whatever, even though my heart always stopped until she finally came down.

And I remember the time that when we went to see my father and mother, I bought her a new bike and we took off the stabilisers and I encouraged her to cycle on her own. The look on her face showed the pride that she had mastered yet another task. I still have that small clip of video from my camera on one of my three computers.

And the time when Verity, Liesel and I went away for a weekend and booked a shak. I can remember that because of my snoring, Liesel moved into Verity’s room.

But, we had fun and I can still picture Liesel and Verity going through a small ford and getting wet

And the time when Verity, Meia, Ocean and I went away for a week. Meia and I had a massive row and Verity and I ended up walking out and eating on our own but then havig realised that she had been unfair to me, Meia and Ocean turned up at the fisherman’s boat and we all went out and caught mackeral. Mackeral that I then cooked for breakfast but the fish smell stunk out the flat that we had hired.

On the same trip, I had bought a dingy but Ocean was too scared to go out so Verity and I braved the waves and she and I had a fabulous time.

And me taking Verity to school in my bright yellow TVR down narrow lanes from our home at Long Barn with Verity shouting “faster faster Dad”.

And with Verity and I going to Fuereventura and when we first got there and went up in the lift, we just looked at each other in disbelief, as we thought we were going to die, Verity and I had cocktails (her’s non alcoholic) at the end of the evening and I remember that she collected all of the parrots from the glasses.

Verity knew her Dad well and knew that he could not take the sun so bless her heart, for a little extra pocket money, she got up early and put towels on the sun loungers with shade. She knew I had to rest from my heavy job and bless her for that.

I still have those memories and will always have them.

But, so sadly, they have all gone now.

Yes, she has grown up but I was hoping for at least one more Dad and daughter holiday but that was never to be; she was always entranced by the Dubai holidays that her mother took her on, with the immense luxury and sadly that has changed Verity, much to my sadness.

The ultra expensive prom dress and everything else besides has turned my little girl into someone that I do not recognise anymore

It used to be all about simple pleasures with her Dad, I never flashed the cash but because she has been with her mother so much, that has all changed.

And I have lost my little girl.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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