Yannick Bisson is going to have to watch it

In Murdoch Mysteries, Yannick Bisson’s character is portrayed as being a clever detective but also very much of a “goodey two shoes”. I have to say that is starting to lose its appeal and I am sure that I am not alone.

I am quite sure that many viewers are getting tired of its somewhat repetitive scenarios:

  • Men always being the perpetrators and being sent to the gallows, whereas women are just jailed, even if their crimes are premeditated (such as in the episode “Drowning in money”, were Murdoch was going to plead for leniency)
  • Dr Ogden’s apparent sexual desires
  • Dr Ogden refusing to take her husband’s name (they are mixing the era in which it is set with current day life and attitudes, which is very lazy writing)
  • Loads of women in an episode, none of whom turn out to be the perpetrator
  • Higgins’ continued foolishness ( which is demeaning to Mr Murdoch himself)
  • Crabtree’s never-ending wild fantasies (but Jonny Harris is funny and would love to see him on stage)
  • Men always being portrayed as drunks or wife abusers
  • And of course, Murdoch’s apparent naivety, which is demeaning to the character and Mr Bisson himself

Unless major changes are made, the popularity of Murdoch Mysteries will collapse like a pack of cards

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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