Women and children (mainly girls) first

We were very upright in our views in the old days and us men put the women and children before ourselves.

Many millions of men have been killed in battle but I acknowledge the Holocast where both women and men were slaughtered but a lot of women were kept as sexual slaves and though absolutely disgusting and immoral, at least they survived, even if scared for life; BUT THEY THANKFULLY LIVED

That is all fine and dandy but I am now sad to say that society has become so slewed that it is now the female gender before anyone else, whether it be in the supposed justice system, which is so heavily biased towards women, or in every single aspect of today’s society.

Let us be honest with ourselves; the world is biased.

If a woman goes into the dock, she will be presumed by the jury to be innocent, whereas if a man is in the dock, it is a case of proving his innocence over his guilt; that is the big difference.

It has even “infected” the Police, the CPS and governments and justice systems of all countries. The statistics uphold this analysis; there are more men in prison than women.

It is all down to the presumption of innocence for women and the presumption of guilt for men.

The principal of “innocent until proven guilty” just does not apply anymore throughout our society and, quite frankly, this is the real problem. Yes, of course there are many male criminals and killers but there are more than there should be. In turn, there are fewer women in prison around the world than there should be, as the “there there sweet, why dont you just sit down” applies

More to follow

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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