My letter to the disciplinary council of the Law Society

Following my watershed, I am not going to start the preparation of the letter to the Law Society, which I will copy and paste into Word and then send off by post, in three days time.

I am doing it this way so my daughter can squirm and begin to realise that her life that she planned is falling apart and to feel some of the pain that I have suffered.

I am sure that in reading this, she will have to change her underwear several times

Dear Sir or Madam,

Verity Jade Beatrice Hender – student member of the Law Society                                      Home address: 46 London Road, Guildford GU1 2AL (last known address)

I am writing to you, as a fellow professional, as I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) of many years standing.

I am seeking the disbarment of my daughter from the Law Society, for bring the reputation of the Law Society, into disrepute. Clearly, as I am not a member of the Law Society and so the decision is yours and your alone.

I am prepared to make written or verbal submissions to the Disciplinary Council, by sworn affidavit, if required to do so.

The reason that I am seeking the disbarment of Verity are for the following main reasons:

  1. Verity Hender falsely accused me of sexual abuse, supposedly inflicted upon her over a period of ten years
  2. Verity Hender falsely accused me of causing her grievous harm
  3. Verity Hender has received payments from the family trust, which were deemed to be capital but this is contrary to HMRC’s rules for trust distributions and she has thus evaded income taxation (this will be detailed more fully in this submission to you.
  4. Verity Hender has been complicit with the family to not only isolate me but to ruin me financially, physically and mentally
  5. Verity Hender’s mother received funds from my father, William Thomas Hender in lieu of her daughter falsely accusing me of these horrible crimes
  6. Verity Hender has received shares from the family company, Harwyn Limited, apparently to be held in trust, in lieu of payment for the false accusations.
  7. After my submission of detailed and factual evidence, over a period of nearly 3 months and shortly before my bail hearing, Surrey Police had no other option but to throw out the case and I was not even charged. This decision was made in conjunction with the CPS.
  8. Following the cessation of the case against me, Surrey Police refused to re-interview my daughter in order to ascertain as to why she had made these false allegations, despite my many pleas and submissions to them.
  9. My daughter has consistently lied, in order to gain financial benefits and other favours from other family members, including her very wealthy grandfather, my father.

In my humble opinion, she is not fit to be a member of the Law Society, in whatever capacity.

Before the 11th April 2016, my daughter reported me to Surrey Police for sexual abuse as well as causing her grievous bodily harm. With this submission, I enclose a copy of my charge and bail sheet.

I was arrested on the 11th April 2016 and taken to Newport Police Station, Isle of Wight, where I was incarcerated in a police cell for roughly 8 hours, during which time I was interrogated by two detective constables from the Redhill station of Surrey Police, namely DC Hollie Say 40254 and DC Glenn Parker 236 for approximately 2 hours.

I was offered a duty solicitor for the interrogation but I refused this, stating “that I had nothing to hide”. The interrogation was recorded onto a DVD, in accordance with PACE and once I had been bailed, I repeatedly asked for my copy of the DVD but this was never forthcoming.

My daughter alleged that these supposed abuses had taken place in my car (as recounted to me during the interrogation) but it was strange to note that if these allegations were being taken seriously, my car was not taken away for further analysis or even searched.

Assuming that my daughter was misguided or coerced into making these false allegations, I had given her the “benefit of the doubt” and I sought to reconcile with my daughter by sending her literally hundreds of communications. I did not receive a reply to a single message.

My watershed, for a complete reversal of my approach, came between the 5th June 2019 (the date of my daughter’s 21st birthday) and the 16th June 2019 (Fathers’ Day).

My daughter was everything to me and I have fought night and day to reconcile with her, with no effect and, as a result of the “Watershed period”, I now have to consider my own future, above all else’s, including that of my daughter’s.

As you can imagine, the false actions of my daughter have had a great effect on me, to the extent that I have become a mere shadow of my former self. I now rarely leave my house, as I have become partially agoraphobic and I am sure that this is a sub conscious result in order that I will not get hurt anymore.

I refer to my property as a house and not a home due to the fact that whilst I was being transported and thereafter, my home and all of my possessions were searched, with numerous items being removed for analysis. When I finally returned home, I discovered that my home had been completely overturned, with a blatant disregard to the care of my possessions and, as such, due to this gross and unwarranted violation of my property, including that of my late partner’s, which were sealed for posterity, my home has become merely a house,a place which now holds no affection for me and which has become a prison without bars.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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