Digging a hole for oneself

I am sure that when my daughter saw that “Watershed” post, alarm bells started to ring and I am sure that the first two phone calls that she then made were to her mother and her grandfather.

My daughter has put lie over lie and she has dug such a big hole for herself, that she does not know how to get out.

But numerous times, I offered her a rope or ladder to climb out of that hole but she never took it; so much for the daughter’s love of her father. I had given my all to help her and I sacrificed both sleep and my life to try and achieve it.

But, still she didnt bite; maybe the hole was so deep that no amount of rope or length of ladder would enable her to climb out.

She still has a choice. That is to jump in the car or onto a train and to come and talk to me and all but all of this will go away, if I believe that she is sincere and is not pulling the wool over my eyes again.

I know that she has great loyalty to her grandfather but, in reality, he will be dead in a few years. To put it bluntly, is she going to gamble her whole life and career on a very ill man who does not have very long? In a few years, he will be gone and to put it bluntly, will be just dust.

Is my daughter really going to make that sacrifice?

If she does not, I will ensure that she has no career and she will be a totally superficial person, something she is good at being and will spend all of her time having parties and superficial relationships. Yes, that is an easy life but is also an empty life. That is why she had so many parties, to fill her head, as she knew deep down that her mother did not really love her but was prevented from seeing her father, who did.

I will then carry onto the rest of the family and attempt to destroy them all.

I have a very special HMRC address to which I sent a certificate a while ago and who will be very interested in everything that has occurred in the trust.

All of this was for £6m , the tax that my father evaded. I have to ask the question:

Was it worth that extra £6m to destroy your own career and to destroy the life of your very own father?

I have just had some smoked mackerel as a starter, which will now be followed by a rib eye steak, washed down with that pink champagne that I kept for my daughter and I.

I feel as though my blood is starting to pump again and that I will have a good and fruitful life

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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