A Watershed

People who regularly read my blog will know that I have been fighting for my daughter for a number of years

No more

This change of heart really came about because of two special dates to me; my birthday, which was on the 7th June and Fathers’ Day, which was on Sunday 16th.

I received nothing from Verity for both of these days; not even cards for both events with everything else left blank. She could have sent them anonymously via Moonpig but no, nothing.

So, for the sake of not even bothering to send two weeny cards, I am now going to go on the offensive, to everyone, starting with my so called daughter.

I will be writing to the Law Society setting out her despicable behaviour, including:

  • her tax evasion
  • the false allegations,
  • the fact that the Police threw out those allegations based on HARD EVIDENCE
  • her complicity with the rest of the family, designed to ruin me.
  • All of the above will have put the reputation of the Law Society into disrepute

I will even state that I will be prepared to prepare and send to them a sworn affidavit.

I will be seeking for her TO BE BARRED from the Law Society before she has even got her results and HER CAREER WILL BE OVER before it even starts.

No more Mister Nice Guy.

All of the family have banked on me doing nothing because of my love for Verity, together with my kind nature and, for sure, I have not done much but now the flood gates will open.

I will be following that with:

  • Reporting her to HMRC for tax evasion
  • Reporting her cousins for tax evasion
  • Reporting my so called brother for tax evasion
  • And the big one; reporting my father for tax evasion, equating to £6m plus penalties and interest

All for the sake of not getting off her backside and sending me two cards, costing a few pounds

I really hope that she and the rest of the family will now have as many sleepless nights as I have 

I will prepare this letter and then send it in three days, when I go and collect my top up medication. I do not go out unless I have to.

Even if, after reading this, Verity comes crawling back and says those two words that I have waited for , for so long “Sorry Dad“, I may still send the letter because she and the rest of the family must learn that they cannot ruin a person’s life without ramifications.

It will take a great deal of convincing to not send that letter to the Law Society

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