As it is Fathers’ Day, I have sent my Dad a message wishing him well on this special day for him and me. ( Edit: The message has bounced back, either because I am being blocked or the account has been cancelled) I just wonder if my father has passed away, as given what is going on, I would never be told.

We all have many faults, all of us but my Dad and I have come to blows on many issues and I now realise that he is:

  • Morally corrupt
  • Financially corrupt
  • A racist
  • Dishonest to the Police
  • Dishonest to himself

Even with all of these faults, I still love my father, even though I am so bloody angry with him for controlling my life at the age of 56. He helped to bring me into this world ( I think) and made it possible for me to be brought up in the best way that he could manage.

But, he has become a man whom I no longer recognise; someone who is evil (my cousin’s words, not mine) and will do anything to hurt his own son. It is not just his Alzheimer’s that has changed him; there is something inherent in him that either considers me a threat or literally just hates me. He has used his wealth, power and influence to hurt me as much as possible and hurt me, he has.

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