Happy Fathers’ Day

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of those Dads out there who are reading this.

Sadly, I will not be celebrating today with you, as my daughter just will not talk to me even though I have done nothing wrong; I guess that she has been turned by her mother, which comes as no surprise to me, given what I know and have experienced.

Yes, she has made a mistake and yes, it hurts, every single day but everyone is allowed to make a mistake once in their lives but she cannot see that she is compounding the mistake over and over by not talking to me and, most importantly, moving forward; after all, that is the most important thing, isn’t it?

I cannot even remember the last time that I received or was handed a Fathers’ Day card by Verity but I still have the beautiful cuff links saying “I love you Dad” that were given to me donkeys ago. I would wear them with pride, given the opportunity.

But, I am quite sure that Verity will be giving her step father, otherwise known as “him” a card at least. That really hits home and is so bloody hurtful; it is like a knife in the heart, a heart that has been badly damaged but could be repaired.

And, being Fathers’ Day, of course she will be playing “Happy Families” today to please her mother; most of what she does or has done has been about pleasing her mother, as Verity both loves and fears her in equal measure.

But the person who helped to bring her into this world, who financially supported her for 18 years, was prevented from seeing her, time after time by her mother and who loves her more than anyone else, is totally ignored, as though……


But when I am dead and gone, just watch them fighting over my assets. Then suddenly, I will be important, for that reason and that reason only.

Happy Fathers’ Day also to the many fathers out there who have been sidelined and financially stuffed, just like I have and whose mothers of our children (child) have just taken away everything, including the most important thing to us, OUR CHILDREN

Verity said, when discussing her career, that “she wanted to make a difference” but the irony is that if she does not make a difference in her own personal life, that statement is completely empty and superficial.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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