Why women are allowed to get their own way, ALWAYS

Let’s face it, where there is a woman and a man in a relationship, who is the one that gets their own way? The answer is women and I will tell you why.

It is not just that most women are devious and can look at someone straight in the eye and lie (I have been through two divorces so I know) but it actually comes down to what would happen if a man put his foot down and refused to agree to something, whether it be a holiday, a house or just about anything?

Yes, some of these subject matters may seem inconsequential but if there is a rift, on even a small thing, that rift gets larger and larger, with the sad end result that the relationship breaks down.

It does not matter if the woman sleeps around or not during this process, as the justice system, as it stands will always but always favour the woman over the man.

I thought my first marriage was going well. Yes with bumps in the road but no marriage is perfect. Yes, I would concede on a number of things to keep her sweet and sadly most women in a deep relationship rely on the fact.

I have proved that my first wife purposely broke up the marriage. She started committing adultery with my best friend, without my knowledge, and pushed me so far that I could take no more and started arguing with her. Anyone who knows me well, will know that I was very laid back but, when push came to shove, if I thought that what was going on or was about to happen was wrong, I would say so.

Here is a classic example. She moaned at me for spending £50 on a chest to keep all of my cufflinks in but was happy to spend over £3,500 on a remote controlled gas fire place that I never saw because it was installed when we were on our “trial separation”. I still treasure that cufflink box but that very expensive fireplace is long gone. She also wanted a conservatory earlier on. I said that we did not need it but she said that it was her money that she was spending and she could do with it as she pleased. But I thought that we were married and a married couple share things and agree on most things, especially to do with the family home.

The so called trial separation then instantly became a “I want a divorce” and she financially raped me, taking everything that I had worked so hard for. After all, I had paid for the mortgage and the deposit on the house.

After the divorce, I was left with fuck all and I was in a worse state than when I bought my first home in Guildford, years before; I had saved up most of the money that I had earned from working at my father’s company and more besides when I was working in my first proper job at Wilkins Kennedy.

But all of that was taken away from me. I lost so much that I had to live with my parents for six months before my father agreed to lend me money to buy my home in Brockham.

In my second marriage, it was she who walked out on me. She had brought zip into the marriage; in fact, she brought debt, which I paid off for her. But she was having an affair with a woman but swore blind in court that her children were to live with her, which there was no intention of happening, as the children’s father found out that she was a sapphist and took the children under his wing.

So, after bringing in nothing but debt to a one year marriage, I had to pay out £225,000 to her. That is not bad, is it?

That is why I am so fucked financially and am imprisoned on this island.

Do you see now why men will always give into their partners? Because they do not want to experience what has happened to me and many other men; THAT IS WHY.

It is just not just the money as that is somewhat immaterial although painful. It is the fact that in a break up, the woman always takes the children and more often than not, turns the children against their biological father.

So, the women get loads of money to buy a new house, take the children and then installs a puppy of a lover, who will agree to whatever she asks or says because otherwise he will suffer the same fate


It is a cliche to say that most women “wear the trousers” but that is why it is so true

And that is why I will never have a live in partner or wife again, as I cannot take the risk. That is thanks to my two ex wives but also thanks to my daughter who taught me that women cannot be trusted, illustrated by her very own actions. IF you cannot trust your daughter, who can you trust?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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