Murdoch Mysteries – Yannick Bisson will have to watch his back

You all know that I am a bit of an “expert” on Murdoch Mysteries and also I have written my forthright views as to the debacle of Craig Mclaughlan and the false allegations that led to him being kicked out of his own series.

Producers can be extremely cut throat and they are only interested in earning more money. The producers of the Blake Mysteries knows that all too well and that is why what has happened to Craig Mclaughlan has happened.

Craig was the lead cast member and so it would seem unthinkable that what has happened to him could even occur at all; but it has and Craig Mclaughlan’s career is destroyed.

Yannick Bisson is in exactly the same position. He is the lead cast member but that could all change if the producers deem fit. His fate could befall that of Craig Mclaughlan.

If Yannick Bisson feels that he can get assurances from the producers, then he is sadly naive.

He will have to watch his back 

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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