Murdoch Mysteries – Eva Pearce – when will this sexual discrimination ever end?

You know that I have written many times about the female gender bias inherent in just about every Murdoch Mysteries episode and so here is another one.

Eva Pearce was put behind bars for the murder of Ian Worthington, a wealthy man. That was not the first murder, it was the second.

If you put the two together, it shows that there was complete premeditation in Eva Pearce’s crimes, a matter that would preclude any possible insinuation of Eva Pearce being mentally unstable. But she was put into a mental asylum, whereas men, who have committed just one murder, have been hanged, even if premeditation was borderline.

If one should need any more proof that Murdoch Mysteries is gender biased, I really do not know where you will get it from.

After all, the writer and consultant is a woman and her sister is one of the producers.

Coincidence? Absolutely bloody not.

Why the bias in Eva Pearce’s destiny? Because, in time, they needed her back for one last episode.

But that is not the point, is it? Everyone who watches television and there are billions around the world become desensitised to women being able to commit crimes or to lie. It is probably a subconscious thing but it has affected every single corner of society and has affected the attitudes of the justice system.

That is why, with no evidence, other than the word of a child, I was arrested and put through hell, whilst losing my daughter in the process, whereas when I made accusations about the sexual proclivities of my own father, they were just ignored, even though my father’s behaviour seem to lead to only one conclusion; that he sexually abused my daughter and her cousins. 

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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