A message to Verity about HER cat, William, whom I have looked after for years.

This email to Verity needs no explanation.

Quite frankly, the future of William, her cat and my buddy, is in her hands


Am I going to have to search around the UK for you? You know that I cannot leave William for more than a couple of days otherwise I will have to put him in a cattery.

My future just does not revolve around me but it revolves around William too. Yes, he is your cat but you have not looked after him now for ages. He and I are buddies now and he has kept me going through the really bad times, even with just a stroke or greeting me in the morning.
But, I have to make a very hard decision. As he has been with me for so long, although friendly to all of the delivery drivers and tradesman that call on me; it will not be the same for him if I move and he cannot travel too far, certainly not abroad.

When I came here, he was so scared that he pooed in his basket and was covered in it with him crying all of the way and so how could I put him through a flight and travel of 24 hours plus all of the noise of a plane? I could not put him through that.

The only way for him is if I stay here, to get the money from the trust that I am due, to move to the mainland, where I can be free from all of the horrible memories of this house; I really should not have let Rosanna con me into leaving Long Barn but that was her plan all along.

Don’t you want that for me and just as importantly, don’t you want that for William?
The only other option, without the money, is for me to move to SA or New Zealand and you know what that would mean for William. I have been selfless all of my life but I can no longer live like this and, for once, I have to be selfish. I want to live a normal life; I have to live a normal life.

Just do the right thing and tell me where you are and we will meet up. In the end, I WILL get tired of asking this question and, like Uncle Mike, just start a new life without you and NEVER see you again.

With all of my love


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