Murdoch Mysteries are thieves – yet more proof

It just goes to show that those people over the pond do not have a single original thought; they must have teams of people raking through “old” British dramas, to see what ideas they can come up with.

Let us take the episode when Murdoch and Crabtree try and uncover what is behind the poisoning of a railway line surveyor. He was poisoned by water hemlock that looks like wild carrots or parsnips.

Now take the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, that was made decades earlier. In series 1, episode 4,a rector is poisoned by the same wild plant.

A fluke? Absolutely not.

The Canadians are better at original thought but, like the yanks, they just churn out so much so called “original product” that they just have to recycle ideas that they have themselves created, adding bells and whistles, and steal ideas from the wonderfully produced and original UK drama programming.

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