It is not just me who thinks this way

Last week, I had a massive water leak but thankfully the ceiling stayed up but it needs skimming and repainting.

The guy who came to stop the leak was a lovely chap; a classic rough diamond, with not a side to him.

So, as I am planning to move, I need to replace the boiler, especially as it has not been serviced since I moved in; you know the reason why.

So, they are going to fit a new boiler for me. I should get a quote tomorrow or by early next week.

As I liked the chap so much, I told him that I was going to have to move, as I could not stand the place anymore. I told him the full story and said that I had to work hard to keep myself out of court because, with such cases, as soon as the jury saw me, they would have found me guilty, even before a word was said by either lawyer.

And once I had been found guilty, the judge would have hammered me, given that it was my daughter I had supposedly abused and sent me to prison for the maximum tariff, not that I would have survived in prison for that long anyway, as I would be killed.

The chap, hearing that, said just two words


After I told him that the Police were all “c##ts”, he agreed and understood why I wanted to move, after they had violated my own home, turning it into a house prison.

He, too, knew what it is like for men these days and knew damn well that I would have suffered gross injustice, at the hands of the so called jury.

It just goes to show that I am certainly not alone in my opinions on the way that men are treated these days.

He is one of many hundreds of thousands of men, if not millions, who feels EXACTLY the same.

Thanks Dave Broome

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