The plot to remove Craig Mclaughlan from Dr Blake’s mysteries

I have watched Dr Blake many times and indeed have watched the whole series now at least twice.

Every time that I watch an episode, I pick up on yet another subtlety and I believe that I am narrowing in on when the plot to remove Craig Mclaughlan first started.

In episode 1 of series 4, entitled “The open road“, a mechanic, involved in a cross country car race, was killed under a car whilst in the garage.

The writers ensured that Dr Blake had no real understanding of cars but it was very surprising to see that his “right hand lady”, Mrs Beazley, who goes forth into the new series without him, seemed to know a great deal about motor cars and their underpinnings.

Mrs Beazley is Dr Blake’s housekeeper and friend and being a lady of that profession and era, would no bugger all about cars but the writers ensured that she did.

This seems to me to be the “first salvo” of ensuring that Mrs Beazley has “the knowledge” to solve crimes when Craig Mclaughlan is unceremoniously thrown out of the series on a completely trumped up charge of abuse; series 6 onwards , which I will never watch out of principle.

I have sent many links and posts to an intermediary of Craig Mclaughlan, who will remain nameless, for obvious reasons.

But it is very sad to say that Craig’s team has completely shunned me and that is extremely hurtful.

Whilst the cause of injustice against men must rise above personalities and feelings, after the many hours that I have spent on posts relating to the unfair accusation and removal of Craig Mclaughlan, not having any sort of reply is incredibly disheartening.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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