Murdoch Mysteries – Yet more female sexual discrimination (TO THEIR BENEFIT) – Women are allowed to cheat and get away with everything; cheating is just the thin edge of the wedge

Oh gosh, here we go again. Quite frankly, I do not believe there is any episode in Murdoch Mysteries that do not share female sexual discrimination.

In “Crabtree A La Carte”, in the second run of the cooking competition, Mrs Brackenreid is seen to cheat, quite openly. But, she wins the competition anyway and is crowned “queen of the competition”

This just shows that according to the producers of Murdoch Mysteries, women can get away with everything. They escape the noose, they escape jail and now win a cooking competition.

How absolutely disgusting. The producers are just so brazen in their sex discrimination of women and girls (for their benefit) 


Murdoch is sometimes funny but if it was gender neutral EVERY TIME, then it would be far more popular, would attract far more viewers and make more money.

They are actually shooting themselves in the foot

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