A message to Verity

This is to be sent to her via her WordPress contact form


I do not know what you want. I have opened myself up to you and have said countless times that I understand that you were probably put in a very difficult decision by either your mother, grandfather or both.

I have said that I have forgiven you because what has happened to me is in the past and cannot be changed. All I am trying to look forward to is the future, hopefully with you somewhere in my life.

I have now sent you literally hundreds of messages explaining how I feel about you and what I want for the future but all you have done, for over three years now, is to totally snub me. What do you want from me Verity. Do you just want me to cut my throat or wrists or drive off a cliff and end it all? Is that what it is going to take?

No matter what age a person is, if they have wronged someone else, they need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what they have done; for what you have done.

Your 21st birthday card is by all of my special photographs, most of them of you. What does that say to you? I says that I still love you as a daughter, despite what has happened. If I didnt love you, all of those photos and all of your possessions would have been thrown out long ago and I could have moved forward with my life.

But, I do still love you and I cannot move forward with anything, choosing to just watch television and write on my blog. What does THAT tell you Verity?

If you did not want me in your life, I have even asked you to tell me to fuck off but you have done absolutely nothing.

You are 21 years old and whilst you are a very intelligent young lady, you need to GROW UP and to not hide behind a wall of silence.

If you are worried about the ramifications, then we could keep it secret. Not what I would want but at least we would be in touch.

You cannot just sit on the fence behind this wall of silence. It is not fair on me and not fair on you either, as it will continue to eat you up.

Verity, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I am sick and tired of all of your “game playing” If you want to be treated as an adult, ACT LIKE ONE otherwise I will continue to treat you as a child, A PETULANT CHILD


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