Only one person remembered my birthday

No one has kept in regular touch with me except my friends in South Africa and this morning, I received a lovely email from my friend, Reza. I have known Reza for years but we have not seen each other since I left South Africa for the last time but we do email each other from time to time, as does my little brother, Prenesh and Bianca too.

But, I never got anything from Verity, not a sausage, not an email or even a call. Zip.

I did not expect the rest of my family to contact me, as they sadly no longer consider me to me part of the family. After all, I consider myself to be the only altruistic one out of my whole family; they just all care about themselves and no one else.

After all, they all conspired to get me put in prison for a crime that I did not commit and it would be laughably hypocritical of them to wish me well on my birthday, wouldn’t it?

I never expected to see Verity walk through the door today, as it is still term time but I was hoping for her to come tomorrow or in the very near future. I now fear that will never happen and so that bottle of pink champagne will just collect dust and will never be drunk.

What would be more onerous for Verity? An email or knocking on my door. The former of course is the right answer.

How would any of my family feel if none of their family called or emailed to wish them well? They would be really pissed off; wouldn’t they?

It is all about me, me, me

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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