Why do I do this blog?

The answer is both simple and complicated.

The simple answer is that I want to try and change what is going on in the world, even if I never succeed. If people just let other people, who have more money and power, walk over them, then they are not really people at all. If you do not fight for what is right, you have no right to survive but people who want to fight have ever right to win and survive.

But it also comes down to my core moral code. You may accuse me of being naive but I want to try and make a difference any way that I can and even if that does not happen, to just get people to think about what they are doing or have done.

The world is full of injustice, we all know that and if no one stands up to be counted, then we are no better that the shitheads who stomp all over us.

Many people swim through life with nothing major happening to them and good luck to them but those people then become selfish and self centred and think only about themselves and no one else.

But those who suffer grave injustice, will not only fight for themselves but will fight for the others who have suffered the same fate.

Let us take an example.

My father has been very successful and although he had a major breakdown, it does not seem to have affected him one jot. He does not care about others but only uses others to further himself to their detriment. He might just buy them off but he really does not care about them as he only cares about himself.

Take my so called brother; he can see very well the injustice that has and is being done to me but he does nothing. Why? Because if he does, he will upset the apple cart and he will be affected.

Take my cousin. She was financed by my father both in Canada and now in Wales because she was my father’s favourite niece. She has lied for him and will never go against him. Why? because he will then be cross with her and may evict her from the house that he bought for her. She pretends to be religious but she does not have any of the core moral standards that religion dictates

He has another niece but does he help her? Of course not but she is the daughter of his very own wife’s special brother. Absolutely fuck all.

He has enough money of his own to spread around the family to make everyone’s life so much better but he will not. Why? Because he wants to control those who will do him the most benefit.

Pat aka Lori, Martin and Alison, his wife, and of course, Verity’s mother as he knows that if he keeps her sweet, then she will manipulate her daughter so that her own father (i.e. me) will be absolutely stuffed and although my father has Alzheimer’s, this has got less to do with the disease as Verity thinks but, of course, if he is ever brought to account, his lawyers will always use the Alzheimer’s defence.

After all, not only has my father tried to have been put in jail for tens of years but has also tried to bribe me to leave the country.

But, I refused to succumb to his bribery and that really irritated him.

Now he tries to bankrupt me by manipulating the trust to screw me financially or to send me into a downward spiral, culminating in a complete nervous breakdown as he knows that I have a weakness that can never be fixed

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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