Liesel’s birthday

Liesel sadly passed away on the 16th December 2007.

But, although we were together for only two years, they were the best years of my life. Not only did I love her so dearly but she loved Verity as though she was her biological mother and we were a REAL FAMILY.

I do not know if Verity was genuine in her love to Liesel or that she just needed a mother as her own mother was sleeping around with everything in trousers. She even got her own flat after moving away from him.

Even Samantha’s own mother, in a lucid moment, said that he should divorce her daughter but he was completely gutless and did nothing. When Samantha found out, she banned everyone from seeing Florence but, as I knew that Verity loved her Nana Florence and Granddad Allan, the only man of his era whom I respected, I went behind Samantha’s back. Florence, Allan and Verity were gratified that I did. I only did it because that was what was right thing to do. Samantha had not only broken her vowels but she really did not care about anyone, including Verity.

Bu that was Samantha’s burden to bear and not Verity’s and so that is why I did what I did.

But, I have got off the subject. It is so easy to do because I am just so angry

Liesel’s birthday is tomorrow and I will smarten myself up and have a shower for the first time in three weeks and look smart for a change.

I plan to cook a leg of lamb with all of the trimmings, washed down by a bottle of pink champagne, Liesel’s favourite and will lay some flowers on a special spot in the garden, designated for Mum and Liesel.

The really sad thing is not that I have just lost Liesel. Yes, that is so very sad and we would have had a wonderful life together but the sad thing is Verity.

The sad thing is that Verity will not, in any way, mark her birthday, the surrogate mother whom she adored but, at the end of the day, just used.

That is the saddest thing of it all

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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