Hollywood has no original ideas whatsoever

You would have thought that with the billions of dollars that are created in Hollywood, they would have thousands of writers, all with original ideas.

But, of course, the “G” word comes in; if they can get away with spending as little money as possible they will.

I have just watched a great film called Deep Impact, made in 1997 about an asteroid that was going to destroy earth. In isolation, it is a great film, although there are a number of questions that I will not go into now.

Only one year , Hollywood came out with Armageddon, made in 1998, which is of more or less the same format. Only one year later for goodness sake

The big trouble that there is with Hollywood is that it is a production line and with production lines, individuality and attention to detail suffer.

Just like  with the cars that I are made on production lines now. For those brands who continually want to refresh the line up, the products are really  the same, just with different trims and different paint jobs.

It is exactly the same for Hollywood films in that they just grab a film, fiddle around with some bits of it and reinvent it as a new film.

Deep Impact is supposed to be sci fi but, in reality, it could very well happen. It could be happening right now because no government would tell anybody as they would just skulk into their silos to protect themselves. If people think that governments will put themselves before the general population, then they are incredibly naive.

Even if they did announce the end of the world, do people actually believe that any so called random selection of the population will in fact be random? Of course, it will not be; it would be politicians and ultra rich people, who have earned their wealth and position from the ordinary people that will take the places.

Quite frankly, that is not a world that I would want to live in, very similar to today’s, as it is always the who has rather than the who has not who will be saved.

Call this a rant but just think about it very carefully. Do you honestly think that someone with power and influence, such as politicians, are going to give up their space for the lies of you or me? Of course not but if you believe so, you are very deluded.




Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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