Murdoch Mysteries – the sex discrimination goes on and on

The producers of Murdoch Mysteries really have to stop this.

Let’s take yet another example.

In “Murdochphobia”, Dr Ogden (or rather Mrs Murdoch), as a psychiatrist, was taking a session on phobias but here is the rub.

Out of the 4 patients, only one was a man. I am sorry to say that this was no accident and yet again, the person who was murdered/killed was a woman and the one who contrived the murder was, yes you guessed it, a man.

The actors are just hired to do their job; I have no issue with that but the writers and producers are so very culpable in that throughout just about every episode, it is a woman who is killed and the murderer is a man.

Media, of all kinds, has a responsibility and that is to not reflect what is in society but what is right and fair.

The current thinking behind Murdoch Mysteries is neither fair or right.

People pick up on what is showing in the media and then reflect it in their own behaviour and attitudes.

If this continues, then society will remain imbalanced.

I am sure that Yannick Bisson is raking it in, as was Craig Mclaughlan, deservedly so. But if the writers, producers and directors want to go for an even more female bias, then Yannick Bisson will experience something like what Craig Mclaughlan is going through and he will not be able to do anything about it.

Only then, will he finally understand what this sex discrimination and gender bias is doing to society. I am sure that he would get all of the assurances that he would but greed and money are powerful bedfellows and those assurances will mean nothing.

Let us face it. In these times, all it needs is an allegation, not even proof. It has happened to so many actors, some may be guilty but most are not. It is the so called politics of the media.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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