The Heart Guy and Murdoch Mysteries – Female Gender Bias and MALE DEMEANING. THIS REALLY HAS TO STOP

I know the HEART GUY is over; let’s face it, most of the programmes that we watch on television, such as Sky, are over. Just merely repeats. But that is another subject entirely.

I know that The Heart Guy is supposed to be a light comedy but, why in “Penny for your thoughts”, did the principal have to dress up as a baby? Why does the production company feel compelled to have to demean a man, as they always do, as part of the episode.

But it happens in Murdoch Mysteries all of the time; take Constable Higgins and sometimes Constable Crabtree, who does inject some clever comedy when it occurs (he is very goodbut Higgins is just portrayed as a fool, as is Inspector Brackenread. It is supposed to be funny but when it happens all of the time, it is very wearing.

Even Yannick Bisson, who plays Murdoch, is portrayed as being very clever but also sometimes a fool. But that would never happen to Dr Ogden, would it?

You do not see that happening for ANY FEMALE character, do you? 


Women are portrayed as being sneaky, secretive and scheming (which most are in real life sadly) but NEVER FOOLISH

And why did Charlie not take her husband’s name; this is, after all, a fictional programme but even in fiction, writes feel compelled to reflect what happens in society?


As to Murdoch Mysteries, I have talked about that programme a great deal and even though it is set in the early 1900s, the producers and writers insist that she should keep her maiden name. I am sorry but they cannot have it both ways.

They cannot reflect what sadly happens in society today and import it back into history.

The reason why you never see women being portrayed as fools? Because it will never sell as society sadly do not see women like that, although in reality, there are many foolish women.

It is not cool for a woman, if married, to keep her maiden name. Why did they not do what my second wife did and double barrel her name; if she had no children, she would have taken my surname, as did my first wife.

Marriage is about giving oneself to one another and, as such to become “one”. THAT clearly is no longer fashionable. So why do women who are to be married insist on keeping their maiden names?

It is not only disrespectful to their husbands but it is as though they are keeping something back  and sadly this is exactly what they are doing. Secret bank accounts, not sharing things with their husbands, you name it.

And why, when a man marries a woman, does a woman normally not want to share her life with her husband’s friends but they insist on doing so with HER friends. Eventually, the husband’s friends are pushed out, not out of choice but because it just happens, as the husband sees his friends less and less.

It is a standard joke that a woman takes over a man’s life. Sadly, it is no joke but is absolutely true. Both of my wives proved that!

That is why I am very reticent to have another relationship.

But society sadly does not look at it that way; it is now just to be hip and is yet another example, although subtle, of female gender bias.

In the old days, not long ago, women used to double barrel their names if, after marriage, their family names were going to die out. That is a great compromise but why has that changed? It is not being just “modern”.

It is yet another example of the Sisterhood’s attempt to take over the world and to take over men.

This is not a world that I want to be in. Quite frankly, I would feel insulted that if I got married again, which is highly unlikely, my wife decided to keep her maiden name, for no reason at all.

It is not old fashioned. It is all about respect for your future spouse and for being “one”.

And for those feminists reading this, it is customary for a woman to take a man’s surname. And yes, I knew a man who took his wife’s surname. So “boo” to the feminists, who really want to change everything, especially to do with the subject of men versus women.

But what the feminists do not understand is that it is not a competition or even a “war”, although they behave as though it was.

It started with the film industry and has now infected all of society like a pernicious virus. 


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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