Why are so many programmes and films American or Canadian?

It is so sad that although we have so many stunning actors and actresses in this country, the schedules are flooded with American and Canadian productions. Even English actors and actresses in American films are forced to speak with American accents. But, it rarely works the other way around, does it?

Yes, we know that Hollywood is a production line of films, mostly poor ( that is the American philosophy) but why the hell do we not reinvigorate our film industry? It would earn billions and there would be more money in the treasury to help everyone in need.

We have the facilities to make great films and if we need to expand, we build more studios.

It is just the same as with most things. Take military aircraft. We spend billions of pounds with the yanks but we could do just the same with home built planes. Take the new aircraft carriers. It would have cost far less to modernise and improve the Harrier, one of the most clever planes in the world but we went to the yanks . And why do we always buy yank missiles and drones? We have the capability.

Even after we decommissioned all of our Harriers, the yanks still use them

Of course, it is all political but just think how much extra employment there would be if we remanufactured our own new Harrier.

I even wrote to Gavin Williamson and one of his lackies wrote back, waxing lyrical at the new yank plane that was over budget and very late. The letter was basically crap saying how wonderful and advanced the new F whatever was.

If we had done what we should have done, we would have not only saved money but increased employment and the carriers would not have gone on their maiden voyages without even one fucking plane on board.

Plain bonkers but that is this country now. We care more about the yanks (or rather the politicians do) than about our own people

I am so disenchanted that I will never vote again. I can make more of a difference by writing my views on my blog.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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