Murdoch Mysteries – Cheap skates

Murdoch Mysteries has made the producers a great deal of money.

Drama, in whatever form, is indeed an art form, even if there are so many deficiencies in the format, as I have mentioned many times.

I am not going to critisise Murdoch Mysteries per se in this post but they have, like everyone else, succumbed to greed and I will tell you why.

They have now completed 12 series; can you just imagine how much money that they have made from that, many many hundreds of millions with syndication.

But the title sequence is just the same with the only change being when lead actors leave or join.

It is time that they change the format. It is best to not only change the title sequence but to have as a prelude, what makes up the episode, just as many dramas do.

Of course, changes cost money but they need to keep it fresh, to change the title format and to change the formats of the episodes.

Otherwise, they are just greedy buggers.

Just look at proper dramas such as George Gently or Kavannah. Not only do they have the crime or incident as a forerunner but they have changed the title sequence as the various series progressed. It keeps it fresh and viewers do not get bored.

Then they will find out that with some changes, the future series will become even more appealing.

If they stop this ridiculous gender bias, it will become appealing to a greater audience; I am certainly not alone.

If they do, then I will say so on my blog and congratulate them for it.

So, I guess that I am putting down a challenge to the producers of Murdoch Mysteries. They will lead the way


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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