If society gets its way, men will be gone, permanently

I am sorry to say that women are very manipulative and have formed a sisterhood; that is complete fact.

Just look at the female gender bias in society.

If everyone is complacent, with the medical science that we have today, yes today, medical staff can manipulate genetically an embryo.

In years to come, they will slowly start to produce just female children and men will just become extinct.

Just look at the way that men are treated now. They are shafted in just about every divorce, women are always believed over men as women are not only great actresses but they can turn on the tears at a moment’s notice.

It goes further. The so called glass ceiling does not exist as there are women in great power. Adverts constantly demean men and it is just like brainwashing. Every film is just about female gender biased but men are blinded by sheer greed.

If you have recorded a programme, just slowly fast forward when the adverts start. Just look at how many women and girls there are as opposed to males. If you bear to actually watch the adverts, just register how many female voice overs there are against male ones.

And now we have Sapphist only adverts (I refuse to use the “L” word”) ; that way the advertisers can have two women in an advert without being sexist. More and more adverts are now using this philosophy. Ford with a woman having a baby with her female partner, two women decorating, the list goes on

Even brainwashed men will treat other innocent men like shit; it has happened to me twice.

I doubt that the way that everything is going can be stopped; it may take hundreds of years but women will get there.

As to sexual satisfaction, everyone knows that there are many toys to satisfy them.

I am very sorry to say that men are digging their own graves but are blinded by pure greed.

This will be a great subject for my E Book too

And where did I get the idea from; of all things, Murdoch Mysteries

But thankfully, I will not be around to see it.

Maybe that was Verity meant that when she said that “she wanted to make a difference” after seeing what had happened to me in the divorce; I doubt that she thought any farther than that.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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