Murdoch’s hypocrisy

In one episode, Murdoch released from jail a woman who had killed her husband because, yes you guessed it, he abused her.

But, in Mr Murdoch’s Neighbourhood, he discovered bodies on the land that he had bought for his home with Dr Ogden.

To cut a long story short, not only did these killed men, who were found on the land, kill a young son by burning him alive but also partially crippled two men. Those two men were arrested along with the sister of the boy.

Although it was not pure gender bias, because the daughter was also arrested, he nevertheless arrested the daughter and the two men.

Clearly, his conscience did not go as far as to just let all of them go.

I reiterate what I have said previously in that most of the baddies are men, if not near enough exclusively. Just look at the long run saga with James Gillies. He was arrested from the off but, of course, escaped and even Dr Ogden said when the saga was nearly at an end that she thought his brain was affected, which meant that he was mentally ill but he was eventually hung.

But Eva Pearce was just as bad but she was put in an asylum and was only killed by Dr Ogden after she had escaped and kidnapped Murdoch. Of course, Dr Ogden came to the rescue, even though a day before, she had been in a coma. Get the picture?

I am deleting more and more of the recordings but will still keep an eye out to ensure that the next series plays by the rules

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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